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Make time stand still 


3D Scanning and Printing

Make that special someone or time memorialized with a 3D Scan and Print!!!

Getting Married:

Wedding Cake Toppers and Risers- We can scan you and/or your groom to be and create that special custom touch for your wedding cake

Keepsakes- We can create custom keepsakes that you can give to guests or use as table centerpieces. We do more than scan we can create that special custom piece for your special day that will set your wedding apart and take it to the next level. 


We can do full body scans to create that mantle piece to always remember one of the most important times of your life. We can do Solo scans or you and someone special making the piece that much more memorable. 

We can do partial scans too the great thing about this is the customability is endless to make sure it is just right

New Baby: 

We can scan the baby and it is completely safe and easy. We can scan feet, Hands, Head, full body, You and the baby it just never ends the tings we can do. Mantle Pieces, Key chains, Desk displays it goes on and on.


If you want to remember someone in the 3rd dimension we can create Busts or full body figuines for the shelf 

We can do just about anything. Sports trophies, Displays, Train set buildings, If you can dream it we can probably do it. Make your appointment today to schedule a Free Consultation.